Draper Ratchet Torque Wrench & Tx-Star Tamperproof Screwdriver Set

Draper Ratchet Torque Wrench & Tx-Star Tamperproof Screwdriver Set
Draper Ratchet Torque Wrench & Tx-Star Tamperproof Screwdriver Set now with FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY
The Draper 83232 Hand Tool Bundle consists of the following items:.n* Draper 34570 3/8″ Square Drive 10-80 Nm Ratchet Torque Wrench.n* Draper 27017 8 Piece Tx Star Tamperproof Screwdriver Set.nThe provides a quick and easy method of getting the items that you want for the best price available allowing you to enjoy more time in the tasks you are working on and less time search for the best price for all the items you need. The main feature for this bundle is that of the Ratchet Torque Wrench and Temperproof Screwdriver Set combination allowing for this bundle to cover a range of different tasks for both DIY Job and professional level of work.nThe Draper 34570 Ratchet Torq Wrench is built with a reversible ratchet head. Another feature of this item is that the NM (Newton Metre) along with the LB-in (Pound) scales are ingraved on to the Barrel of the Wrench to provide a accurate measurement to the ajustment of the product.nAnother feature of this item is that of the micrometer type sleeve which allows fot the product to have an accurate preset torque value to be set so that you don””t need to guess the measurement that you are using.This Product is supplied with a blow mould storage case.nTo help with notifying the user to when the level of torch is achieved with the item the product will make a clicking sound for an audio reference while also prodiving a non- audio reference of the product lossinging the tension that is on the item.nThe Draper 27017 8 Piece Tx Star Tamperproof Screwdriver Set are made with a satin chrome plated chrome vanadium steel blades that are hardened and tempered with sand blasted tips. Square matt black handles manufactured from high impact resistant plastic. Display packed.n..

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