Draper 88192 550Mm Precision Mitre Saw

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Draper 88192 550Mm Precision Mitre Saw
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Stockist Draper 88192 550Mm Precision Mitre Saw Australia.
Draper 88192 550Mm Precision Mitre Saw

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Draper 88192 550mm Precision Mitre Saw

Workshop saw for the accurate cutting of various angles or mitres on picture frames, architraves, etc. Comprising saw with plastic handle, 14 tpi wood cutting blade, solid one piece diecast aluminium saw table, four solid chrome plated guide rods with adjustable length stop, material vice clamp, extra material vice clamp for use with short workpieces, cutting depth regulator and scale on base. Display carton.


Max. cutting width clamped at 45°   …   115mm
Max. cutting width clamped at 90°   …   125mm
Max. cutting width unclamped at 90°   …&nbs
Model Number Draper
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BUY NOW $122.82

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