Draper 83219 Expert Heavy Duty Staple Gun Tacker + Staples

Draper Stockist Draper 83219 Expert Heavy Duty Staple Gun Tacker + Staples Australia.
Draper 83219 Expert Heavy Duty Staple Gun Tacker + Staples

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Draper 83219 Expert Heavy Duty Ajustable Power Range Staple Gun Tacker + Staples

The Draper 83219 Staple Gun Tracker Bundle consists of the following items.

  • Draper 13951 Expert Staple Gun Tacker
  • Draper 13954 1000 x 6mm Heavy Duty Staples
  • Draper 13955 1000 x 8mm Heavy Duty Staples
  • Draper 13956 1000 x 10mm Heavy Duty Staples
  • Draper 13957 1000 x 12mm Heavy Duty Staples
  • Draper 13958 1000 x 14mm Heavy Duty Staples

The Draper 13951 Expert Staple Gun Tacker is an Expert Quality, heavy duty model Staple Gun designed with adjustable power control and slip-on stitch anvi allowing for an easier time when using the product both in depth of stapling as well as accuracyl. another Feature of this item is that it uses 6 to 14mm staples and is supplied complete with 125 x 8mm and 125 x 12mm staples and staple remover. Display packed.


  • adjustable power control
  • supplied with 8mm & 12mm staples
  • uses 6 – 14mm staples
  • supplied with staple removeer

Model Number Draper
Express delivery is available in Australia Draper distributors Big Red Toolbox (AU). Stockist of quality trade tools and hardware. Import agents and distribution suppliers Australia wide.

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