Having trouble starting power chainsaw

Firstly I must say that if you are having trouble starting your chainsaw you are at serious risk for an injury. Take care and concentrate on the safety instructions that came with the chainsaw.

Adjust your choke settings to full, give it a good prime and fingers crossed the chainsaw should start. Sometimes the pulley is stiff or stuck. In this case check to ensure the switch is on. Sometimes chainsaws are stiff if in the off position. The full prime of petrol should help the start. Maybe your spark plug needs a clean or replacement.

If you are still not … Continue reading

ALM Manufacturing SL324 Bi-component Line

ALM Manufacturing Stockist ALM Manufacturing SL324 Bi-component Line Australia.
ALM Manufacturing SL324 Bi-component Line

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Sold by Big Red Toolbox.

ALM Manufacturing SL324 Bi-component Line

ALM Manufacturing trimmer line is manufactured to the highest possible specifications for ultimate performance and longevity.

The ‘Bi-Component’ Square profile trimmer line is a co-extruded nylon line offering the ultimate trimmer line. It has a soft flexible core and hard outer cutting edges to ensure exceptional cutting performance and longevity.This product is … Continue reading

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